ImageSetUploader v1.1 (Release Date : 2018-11-06)

  • Add files to archive.
  • Minor Bugs Fixed

ImageSetUploader v1.0 (Release Date : 2018-11-01)

  • First Release
  • Drag and Drop Folder and Sub-Folders
  • Automatic making of posts (GUI Based Program).
  • Creating image screenshots.
  • Parallel Uploading.
  • Preparation of technical data and tags from the image files.
  • A large number of Template settings to create post with own method.
  • Image Set archiving.
  • Upload as you want (Selected or All).
  • Uploading image screenshots to ImageHost. (Check Supported ImageHost)
  • Uploading archived files to FilleHost. (Check Supported Filehost)
  • Saving finished “post” in the text (.txt) format files.